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About the

Undergraduate Journal of Teaching and Research

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Gerard Dumancas, a Huie Delmon Trust Endowed Professor, the LSUA Undergraduate Journal of Teaching and Research (UJTR) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal designed to acknowledge the achievements of LSUA undergraduate students and faculty. We also welcome submissions from the wider community.  The UJTR is associated with the LSUA Council for Research and Experiential learning (CORE) and with the National Council for Undergraduate Research  (CUR).  

Our objectives:

  • Showcase research of LSUA undergraduate students

  • Provide a forum for the LSUA community to express and exchange diverse ideas from various fields

  • Recognize outstanding LSUA undergraduate students, familiarize them with the publishing process, and encourage faculty-student collaboration 

  • Offer undergraduate researchers in all the disciplines the opportunity to communicate their experiences and results to general as well as academic audiences worldwide—the final and very important step in the research process. 

The UJTR is multidisciplinary!

All areas of research and teaching are encouraged~

for more information or to submit your work:

Dr. Ginger Jones, Editor
Louisiana State University Alexandria 
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