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The UJTR is a multidisciplinary forum primarily dedicated to advancing undergraduate research and reviews, however, we encourage and welcome faculty essays, research, and reviews.  All submissions must use the standard style guide for the discipline (please review the Purdue University OWL for citation advice:


Submissions by undergraduates must have been written before graduation from college or university   

1)  All submissions, faculty or undergraduate, must be original 

2) Each submission by an undergraduate must include a letter of support and authenticity from a full-time faculty member

3) Each submission needs a separate page with author name, faculty mentor name (for undergrad submissions), and school        


4) Each submission needs to be blind (no in-text reference to a school, professor, or the author of the essay, or review, or research) 

5) APA submissions need an abstract (100-250 words) and five key words

Email all submissions to:
Dr. Ginger Jones, Editor
LSU Alexandria
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